Viscious Elevator

Waktu petang bila balik kerja, bila menggunakan lif di bangunan rumah aku – ketika itu lah masa yang membuatkan orang lain semua nampak salah.Kadang-kadang tak dapat aku bayangkan betapa annoying rasa bila pintu lif terbuka sebelum sampai tingkat yang aku tuju.

Semua orang serba jadi tak kena. Kenapa tekan butang lif kuat sangat? Kenapa kau bising berbual dalam lif? Kenapa kau bau hapak? Seolah-olah setiap orang yang masuk lif selepas aku itu adalah sinner.
Kadang-kadang aku rasa bersalah juga. Mereka juga bangun pagi, pergi kerja, taking shit, pukul 6 balik kerja, hujung bulan makan gaji. Untuk berfikiran macam itu, dah memadai untuk aku simpulkan sebagai selfish.
Bila tiba tingkat 21, aku rasa lega. Esok aku berazam untuk ada positive thinking walaupun sikit. Sampai depan pintu rumah, kunci tertinggal dalam kereta.
Sumpah seranah dalam lif.


I had been so proud of my phone. It never give me trouble until last week I need to change the battery. Its pretty much standard wear and tear concept so I went to Gurney Plaza and I paid RM 190 for it.

2 days later the screen went crazy. I had expect this thing would happen as the battery was giving the screen a bend  and I was such an ignorance to change it  all this time. So I went back to the shop and asking for the new screen. I spent another RM350 that day.

Imagine me, 26 year old guy with steady income wouldn’t dare to spend a lot on the phone while most of the highschoolers are using phones which far more advance than what I had.

If only they knew the value of money..



Another Love

So last week, we went to Klinik Pakar Wanita Dr. Tan. Feeling excited we drove there early at 8 in the morning since everybody on Facebook said Dr. Tan is the best plus they only operate half day on Saturday.

Unfortunately the clinic closed. The worker told me that Dr Tan have some emergency. Honestly, I feel disappointed a little. Well, its still early in the morning. So I search on the web straight away, and called Klinik Marina which is situated at Seberang Jaya.

We arrived quite early, so we don’t wait long. The moment I saw the orange screen, with that little creature inside, I feel blessed. Doctor said, baby is normal and that is enough to make me so happy. Actually we can’t really see our baby’s gender but the doctor said most probably it is a girl. So that’s mean less task on me since I have a long list of baby girl’s name 🙂

IMG_20150815_1_8 IMG_20150815_1_1 IMG_20150815_1_12

These are the image of the baby which just as big as an orange. We would definitely would go for another scan at 30th week for clear baby face!

Dear baby, I love you.