Waiting and waiting…

Dear baby,

You are now already term (which means cukup bulan, safe, and healthy to be born!) as you are 38w ++ dah sekarang. I’m right now berdebar-debar everyday. Penantian satu penyeksaan hahahaha penyeksaan sebab tak sabar to meet you and I’m anticipating the delivery process itself! Ppl say it is PAINFUL, and yet, once tengok muka baby, all the pain goes away. I can imagine it, but I cant imagine how will I be. And I’m so excited to experience it myself 😁

But yes, surely, pls do wait for your papa to come first eh. 24hb papa datang, then you can come out. 

Cant wait to meet ya my lil princess!!! πŸ’‹


Few weeks more!

I’m right now already in Sarawak, at your grandparents’ house, dear baby πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

Semalam mama dah checkup for your 36w and alhmdulilaah all is well. So tinggal <2w for you to be fully matured & ready to be born. But dear please, wait for your papa to come ok? Keluar from perut mana on 24th Dec onwards tau! Sebab papa nak teman mama masa lahirkan awak. And also, kalau nak lambat sikit, makesure sebelum 9th jan ok baby? 😘

Quick one!

Ok lama dah tak update. So let’s have a quick one.

Cuti deepavali haritu, Aisya spent her hols here in Penang. So we brought her to Museum 3D. Here are the pics. Tak banyak jalan pun sebab jalan kt museum tu pun dah semput kahkah!

   And this is our photographer πŸ™Š Konon-konon buat cool, taknak ambik gambar. Dia kata nanti ambik gambar dengan baby next time kitorang gi sini lagi. Fine kita tengok camna πŸ€”
And then, last weekend we went to Haiqal’s wedding (Muzamel’s colleague) at Bertam Perdana.

Pastu malamnya makan Seoul Garden (lagi) sebab ada laki tu ngidam makan siput buluh. Hahaha. Terus abis siput buluh kt sana dia lahap.

So, this week will be the last week of TWO of us kat Penang. Minggu seterusnya inshaAllah THREE of us dah hihihi. Sabtu ni balik Sarawak dah. Minggu ni memang busy ngemas rumah je, tapi bab angkat barang berat, mop tu kita bagi kat Papa dia lah ye. Sebab kaki mama dah mula bengkak sakit nak jalan kalau diri lama-lama.

Thats all for the update. Till we meet again! Doakan ye semuanya ok. Tata!

Saturday well spent!

Today we went out around 10.30am to 1st Avenue sebab banyak hal harini. Anta jubah kat tailor sebab nak gi wedding officemate Muzamel minggu depan, pastu anta router P1 sebab kitorang dah tukar ke Unifi (yay for 30mbps!!!), and pos laju dokumen ke MARA. 

 Hello 30mbps! 

Pepagi before keluar Muzamel tanya nak makan ape. Takleh nak fikir dah sebab lapar haha terus cakap, “janji ada air sejuk. Nak air sejukk sejukk”. Tetiba Muzamel cakap, “Okay jum Seoul Garden nak?” Gila kau taknak, mestilah nak hahahaha so kitorang settle semua yan perlu then brunchner (breakfast+lunch+dinner) kat sana. Banyak gila makan πŸ˜…

Muzamel tengah mood okay tu sebab malam ni Liverpool vs Chelsea pastu internetnya laju gila, dah siap download FIFA ’16. Maka marilah kita ambil kesempatan ajak tengok baju baby kat H&M. Hahahaha tapi tak beli pun. Just target nak beli mana bila baby dah umur >3m nanti.

And we’re back home at 4pm. Memang berjalan betul harini. 

 Ambik gambar kat balkoni rumah pun bolehhhh. Hahaha! 

P/S: Anyone interested with Aly & Fila t-shirt like Muzamel’s, boleh pm sis ok #sisserius

31 weeks

This is how mommy looks like when having you at 31 weeks πŸ™‚  

Btw just a brief summary about what we did over the weekend. Muzamel had company dinner Friday’s night. Here is his look. Rasa nak lempang pulak rambut tu πŸ˜‚ 


And of course I took a chance (er..chances? :P) to try it on too 😝  


Muzamel took me for breakfast at Roti Canai Jalan Argyll early Sat morning, then impromptu movie date ‘Goosebumps’ afterwards. Same on Sunday morning, roti canai again (but at another place hehe) and groceries shooping after that. 

Roti Canai Jalan Argyll. Sedapppp! 

We are not that rich or have a lot of free time (not me, him haha), but I am glad and grateful that Muzamel ALWAYS takes a good care of me, and dia akan pastikan every week akan ada date, even a quick or small one with me like lepak at Chatime, etc. May Allah bless you always, suami ❀️

P/S: walaupun dah makan roti canai teh tarik dua hari berturut, tapi still rasa nak lagi 😭😭😭😭😭

Resepi Chicken Chop Paling Mudah Murah di Dunia

Salam sis bro,

Hahahaha tajuk nak gempak je. Hahaha okok. Tapi seriously ni MUDAH dan MURAH. Setengah jam dah siap untuk dijamu. Saje nak tukar selera western pulak. Lagi-lagi tengah mengandung 30 minggu ni, tak larat berdiri masak lama-lama. Hahaha gitu! Meh nak tunjuk mudah dulu, baru murah.


Dada ayam ditumbuk nipis

Tepung beras secukupnya

Breadcrumb secukupnya (kalau takda breadcrumb, nak ganti dengan nestum ke, cornflakes ke pun boleh!)

1 biji telur

Cara-cara: celup ayam dalam telur, salut rata dengn tepung beras, celup balik dalam telur, pastu salut rata dengan breadcrumb. Goreng sampai kuning keemasan


1/4 kobis hiris halus
1 carrot diparut

3 sudu teh mayonis

1 sudu teh susu pekat manis (kalau nak manis2 sikit)

Cara-cara: Gaul sama rata semua and sejukkan.
Sos blackpepper

1/4 bawang besar cincang halus

2 sudu perencah blackpepper Maggi
1 sudu tepung gandum (tepung jagung pun boleh)

1 cawan air

Cara-cara: Tumis bawang besar dengan sedikit mentega/minyak. Gaul semua bahan dalam mangkuk, pastu masukkan dalam kuali tadi, masak dengan api kecil sampai dapat kepekatan yang dimahukan. Tak cukup creamy, tambah tepung. Pekat sangat, tambah air.
And goreng fries. Settle!
Ha mudah sangat kan???

Ok now harga untuk 2 orang makan.

Dada ayam: 4 keping dalam RM 5. So, dalam RM 2.50

Perencah tu pulak, baru RM 1.70 sepeket. Guna dalam setengah peket je. Boleh dapat untuk 3-4 orang makan. Yang lain tu tak pandai nak kira camna, tapi mostly barang tu semua dah ada kat dapur.

So, lebih kurang ~RM 6/7 lah untuk 2 orang makan. MUDAH dan MURAH kan? 

Ok lah. Nah hasil akhir resepi. Simple je tapi dijamin sedap dan kenyang.